Earn FREEBIES From Chapman’s Kids Club!


Ongoing program

Kids can earn points by playing games and completing activities on the Chapman’s website, and then redeeming them for a wide variety of FREEBIES!

Here is a list of the freebies currently available -

  • Bowl and spoon
  • Chapman’s Dolls
  • Various stationary items (rulers, pens, and more)
  • Chapman’s baseball hat
  • Various bags
  • Sport Lolly product coupon
  • 40th anniversary coupon
  • T-shirt (various sizes)
  • A wide variety of Chapman’s branded merchandise (magnet, keychain, bookmark etc)

*Users are allowed to collect a maximum of 600 points per day. Once a user has reached 20,000 points in their account, they will not be able to earn more until some are used to claim a prize.

ENTER HERE to register for the Chapman’s Kids Club!

REWARDS CLUB – Canada Safeway Is Discontinuing The Safeway Club Card Loyalty Program

Starting tomorrow, you will no longer need to carry around a Safeway Club Card to take advantage of store specials and other promotions!

Canada Safeway will still offer sales and contests, but you will no longer need to swipe a club card to partake in these offers. To enter contests you can just swipe your Air Miles card.

Hooray to having one less card to carry around! I think this is a great idea and hope that other stores will move in this direction. Not only will it reduce the number of cards in our wallet, but it will also reduce plastic waste!

What are your thoughts?