The Templar Chronicles – Book 5, Book Blast {Giveaway}


  Jack Templar and the Lord of the Demons (The Templar Chronicles #5). Jack and his friends are in a race against the clock to find the remaining Jersulam Stones. Ren Lucre’s Creach forces are continually gathering strength, and two members of their group now have Creach blood flowing through their veins. The team must unite or they will […]

The Hello Kitty Supercute Friendship Festival Is Super Cute!

2015-07-19 12.06.53

We had the pleasure of attending the Hello Kitty Supercute Friendship Festival last Sunday as they wrapped up a weekend of fun in Vancouver. The kids had a great time watching the stage shows and wandering the festival taking pictures, partaking in all of the fun activities that were set up and collecting pins. We […]

Back To School Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

Amazon Back To School

We’re only a few weeks into the summer break and already I find myself mentally preparing for back-to-school. I know that there is still plenty of time to enjoy these sunny, summery days… And yet, I know too well that when September arrives it will feel as though we only blinked and it was over. Your Life […]

Sherlock Academy Book Blast


Sherlock Academy Written by F.C. Shaw Secret libraries, hollowed out books, and teachers in disguise are just a few of the things that eleven-year-old Rollie Wilson and his best friend, Cecily, will discover at the Sherlock Academy of Fine Sleuths. Here, children are being taught the art of detection, and when Rollie and Cecily learn that a burglary […]

Marrow Book Blast


Marrow by Preston Norton The Fantom Institute for Superheroes-in-Training (FIST) is the place where fourteen-year old prodigy, Marrow, just aced his finals. With the ability to smash through walls and leap over a city block in one bound, he’s sure to be placed with one of the best mentors in the Sidekick Internship Program this summer. But when […]

Hello Kitty Supercute Friendship Festival Coming to Vancouver


Hello Kitty is celebrating her 40th anniversary by taking to the road on her first-ever live North American Tour, Hello Kitty’s Supercute Friendship Festival, and she’s brought her friends along for the ride. They’ll be stopping in Vancouver next month between July 17th to July 19th, and they’d love to have you join them in celebrating fun and friendship while they’re here! […]

Zion’s Call Blog Tour


Zion’s Call Written by Jeremy Maughan The era is the 1830’s. Howard Egan has a dream of owning land and meeting a woman, so he leaves his life at sea for the new america. His first day ashore brings with it a big surprise – the woman of his dreams. But he hadn’t imagined that she would be as […]

Stick in the Mud Meets Spontaneity Book Blast


Stick in the Mud Meets Spontaneity (Meet Your Match #3) Written by Rachael Anderson Samantha Kinsey is home from college. Stepping into her role as nanny to her two favourite kids, she finds herself disappointed that the job has become more like that of a chauffeur. But when she drives the girls to a family-owned ranch and meets a handsome, hard […]

Children of Darkness Book Blast


The Children of Darkness (The Seekers – Book 1 of 3) Written by David Litwack Ten centuries ago was a time remembered as the Darkness. Technology and violence both ran rampant then, causing societal collapse. But the vicars of the Temple of Light brought peace, and an era of blessed simplicity followed. For one thousand years they have kept […]

The Sheik’s Ruby Blog Tour


The Sheik’s Ruby Written by Jennifer Moore Shelby dreams of breaking into the world of big-city journalism. She meets a mysterious man, Hakim, while skiing. He is the prince of the Middle Eastern kingdom of Khali-dar. Hakim’s enemies target Shelby after discovering Hakim’s connection to theAmerican girl. When they flee to the safety of Khali-dar, Shelby falls further in love with the […]